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HPS Recruiting Profiles
*Now includes both Private and Public Versions*
How it Works
  • Your HPS Private Recruiting Profile is a direct online marketing tool to effeciently help you get your information and video in front of as many schools and coaches as you wish. Email it to 5 schools on your list or 500... it's your decision.

  • Take advantage of our New Public Profile by adding it's link to your club or booster program's website. College Coaches coming accross your Public Profile have the option to request access to your comprehensive Private Profile. Your purchase of an HPS Profile includes both Private and Public versions.

  • Our online forms allow you to quickly add your key athletic, academic and personal information along with uploading your picture.

  • Use our menu option to quickly link your third party hosted videos to your profile (YouTube, vimeo, hudl etc) or if we are hosting your video, contact us to determine the best way to send us your video files.

  • When your Private Profile is ready to send out, create a dedicated tracking link for each school or coach you want to email.

  • Copy and paste the tracking link into a personalized email to the coach and send it out.

  • When the coach receives your email and clicks the tracking link, your Private Profile will open in their browser and you'll receive an email notification that your profile has been viewed. It's that easy! You can create an unlimited number of tracking links and should create one for each school you email.

  • Our online forms also provide adhoc areas, with a Word-like text editor, where you can add any information or links to content you want coaches to see, including stats, game schedules, awards, links to news articles etc. You can get very creative marketing your talents.

  • You are in complete control of the text content in your profiles and have the ability to update them 24/7.

Key Features
  • << NEW >> Profile owners now receive a Public version of their recruiting profile to gain additional visability

  • We provide fill-in-the-blank online forms that make it easy to provide the key information Coaches need

  • You have 24/7 access to make profile updates that are immediately available to Coaches

  • Video hosted by HPS is displayed on a large 720x480px stage, allowing Coaches to clearly see you in action

  • Video hosted by third party sites, such as YouTube, vimeo or hudl, can be quickly linked to your profile

  • Receive Email notifications, both, when your Private Profile has been viewed and when access has been requested by a Coach viewing your Public Profile

  • Privacy... only recipients of your tracking link can view your Private Profile

  • Professional and Low Cost

Steps to get Started
  1. Login to your Account. If you are new to High Profile Sports then Create Account .

  2. Enter a discount Coupon Code if you have one... then complete the purchase of our Recruiting Profile by adding it to your shopping cart.

  3. After completing the online purchase through Paypal, you will be taken to your Account Menu where you will be able to access your new blank Profile(s).

  4. Click EDIT next to your profile to access the Profile Menu where you can begin populating your Academic, Athletic and Personal information. Enter as much information into the categories as you feel comfortable. We've included all the fields college programs include in their own recruiting questionnaires.

  5. Upload your picture which will be displayed on both your Private and Public Profiles.

  6. Populate the Introductions for both Private and Public versions with summary points to catch a coach's interest.

  7. Link your third party hosted videos (YouTube, vimeo, hudl etc) or contact us if we are hosting your video(s). You have the choice to display a video "Private Only", "Public Only" or "Both".

  8. Compile the list of college programs you want to contact along with coaches' email addresses. This may take some time but it is not difficult... generally, you can go to the school's athletic website and locate the staff directory to find the coach's email address and phone number.

  9. Build a personalized email for each coach or college program.

  10. You must create at least 1 Tracking Link to include in your emails, however, we recommend creating a link for each school so you can see who's viewing your Private Profile. An unlimited numer of links can be created.

  11. Copy and Paste the Tracking Link into the email you created. We recommend inserting it as a Hyperlink for a clean appearance (but it's not required). Note: including a Tracking Link in the email is required as the link provides the email's recipient access to your Private Profile and provides you feedback on # of views and who is viewing.

    An actual tracking link looks something like this: http://www.highprofilesports.com/player/Profile_final.php?x=7&y=9&z=1 which is perfectly fine to use in your email but is not as clean as a HyperLink that can be made to look like this: Johnny Athlete's Profile . Both link types will get the coach to your Private Profile but Hyperlinks look clean and provide a better experience. Refer to your email program on how to create a Hyperlink.

  12. Send off your emails.

    VERY IMPORTANT... before sending emails to coaches, create a test Tracking Link and email itl to yourself or a friend. Click the link and make sure it opens your profile. This way you can check that all works well before firing off emails to coaches.

  13. You will receive email notifications when your Private Profile has been viewed.

  14. Include the link to your Public Profile in high visability sites such as your club's website.

  15. Keep your profiles updated and resend emails to coaches if you have new information for them to see.